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Full 14K Gold Jewelry
Full 14K Gold Jewelry

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  • #FREE Shipping<BR> <font color="red">All 14K gold★<br></font> My Epoxy Necklace<BR> NA0072_B
    #FREE Shipping<BR> <font color="red">All 14K gold★<br></font> Forever Epoxy Necklace<BR> NA0071_B
    #FREE Shipping<BR> <font color="red">All 14K gold★<br></font> Shoemettering Multi Necklace<BR> NA0069_B
    #FREE Shipping<BR> <font color="red">All 14K gold★<br></font> Shoemettering Pink Necklace<BR> NA0067_B
    #FREE Shipping<BR> <font color="red">All 14K gold★<br></font> Buried Onyx Necklace<BR> NA0068_B
    #FREE Shipping<BR> <font color="red">All 14K gold★<br> ♣Garden Series♣</font><br> Philomel Flower Necklace NA0066_B
    #FREE Shipping<BR> <font color="red">All 14K gold★<br></font> Loving You heart Necklace<BR> NA0065_B
    #FREE Shipping<BR> <font color="red">All 14K Gold<br></font> Winkle diamond Necklace<BR> NA0062_B
    #FREE Shipping<BR> <font color="red">All 14K Gold<br></font> Winkle Ruby Necklace<BR> NA0061_B
    #FREE Shipping<BR> <font color="red">All 14K gold<br></font> Handwriting A~Z Necklace<BR> NA0035_B
    #FREE Shipping<BR><font color="red"><br></font> Natural Orange Moonstone Necklace<BR> NA0030_B
    #FREE Shipping<BR><font color="red"><br></font> Crispy Necklace<BR> NA0031_B
    #FREE Shipping<BR><font color="red"><br></font> Verdian Topaz Necklace<BR> NA0032_B
    #FREE Shipping<BR><font color="red"><br></font> Verdian Emerald Necklace<BR> NA0033_B
    #150,000 won discount+<br> <font color="red">All 14K gold<br></font> December turquoise birthstone necklace<br> NA0369
    #150,000 Won Instant Discount+<br><font color="red"><br></font> November Topaz Birthstone Necklace<br> NA0368
    #150,000 won discount+<br><font color="red"><br></font> September Sapphire Birthstone Necklace<br> NA0174
    #150,000 Won Instant Discount+<br><font color="red"><br></font> August Peridot Birthstone Necklace<br> NA0173
    # 150,000 won discount+<br><font color="red"><br></font> February Amethyst Birthstone Necklace<br> NA0170
    #150,000 won discount+<br> <font color="red">All 14K gold<br></font> January Garnet Birthstone Necklace<br> NA0176
    #Discount of KRW 150,000 per month+<br><font color="red"><br></font> October Opal Birthstone Necklace<br> NA0172
    #150,000 won discount+<br><font color="red"><br></font> July Ruby Birthstone Necklace<br> NA0169
    #150,000 won discount+<br> <font color="red">All 14K gold<br></font> June Freshwater Pearl Birthstone Necklace<BR> NA0168
    #150,000 Won Instant Discount+<BR><font color="red"><br></font> May Emerald Birthstone Necklace<BR> NA0167
    #Discount of KRW 150,000 per month+<BR> <font color="red">All 14K gold<br></font> April Diamond Birthstone Necklace<BR> NA0166
    #50% discount+<BR><font color="red"><br></font> heart gold ball necklace<BR> NA0161
    #150,000 Won Instant Discount+<BR> <font color="red">All 14K gold<br></font> March Aquamarine Birthstone Necklace<BR> NA0165
    #50% discount<BR><font color="red"><br></font> gold ball necklace<BR> NA0156
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