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  • #50% off new items<BR> <font color="red">14k gold★Same-day shipping★</font><br> bun and banana piercing<br> CEA0126
    #Regular sale 9,900 won★<br> <font color="red">★Same-day shipping★</font><br> Helio chain Necklace<br> NA0545
    #Daily Sale★<br> <font color="red">14K gold★</font><br> Cesar olive earring<br> EA3043
    #Daily Sale★<br> <font color="red">primium freshwater pearl</font><BR> Deor freshwater pearl chain bracelet<BR> BA0472
    #50% off new items<br> <font color="red">★Same-day shipping★</font><br> Pate Bowknot bracelet<BR> BA0489
    #Daily Sale★<br> <font color="red">14k gold★Same-day shipping★</font><br> Bellomo ear cuff/Earring<br> EA3053
    #Uniform price 19,800 won★<br> <font color="red">14K Gold★Same-day shipping★</font><br> Poisé Twisted Earring<br> EA3056
    #Daily Sale★<br> <font color="red">★Same-day shipping★</font> Umpi X Ring(free,L)<BR> RA0635
    #Uniform price 19,800 won★<br> <font color="red">14K Gold★Same-day shipping★</font><BR> monte crystal olive earring<br> EA3048
    #Uniform price 19,800 won★<br> <font color="red">14K Gold★Same-day shipping★</font><BR> Piero Banring Earring<br> EA3055
    #Daily Sale★<br> <font color="red">★Same-day shipping★</font><BR> Luvre Siamong bracelet<BR> BA0485
    #Daily Sale★<BR> <font color="red">14k gold★</font><br> briar baguette piercing<br> CEA0127
    #Uniform price 9,800 won★<br> <font color="red">14K★Same-day shipping★</font><br> Jerry's Knot Earring<br> EA2998
    #Daily Sale★<br> <font color="red">14K★Same-day shipping★</font><br> Wisty heart olive earring<br> EA3007
    #Set Special Sale 65%+Free Shipping <font color="red"><br>primium freshwater pearl</font><br> Necklace/bracelet SET<br> Oria freshwater pearl chain SET SET0376
    #Uniform price 19,800 won★<br> <font color="red">★Same-day shipping★</font><br> Opea cuff bracelet<BR> BA0436
    #Daily Sale★<br> <font color="red">14K★Same-day shipping★</font><br> Glass Crystal Olive Earring<br> EA2993
    #Daily Sale★<br> <font color="red">★Same-day shipping★</font><br> Mercedes crystal bracelet<BR> BA0438
    #Set Special Sale 60%+Free Shipping<br> <font color="red">14K★<br> Earring/Necklace SET</font><br> Ash SET SET0353
    #Daily Sale★<br> <font color="red">★Same-day shipping★</font><br> Ash Round Necklace<br> NA0560
    #Daily Sale★<br> <font color="red">14K★Same-day shipping★</font><br> Ash Round Earrings<br> EA2898
    #Daily Sale★<br> <font color="red">14K★Same-day shipping★</font><br> Rodier Square olive Earring<br> EA2840
    #Daily Sale★<br> <font color="red">★Same-day shipping★</font><br> Media Necklace<br> NA0583
    #Daily Sale★<br> <font color="red">14K★Same-day shipping★</font><br> media olive earring<br> EA2950
    #Daily Sale★ <font color="red"><br>★Same-day shipping★</font><br> Dior Square chain Necklace<br> NA0592
    #Set Special Sale 64%+Free Shipping<br> <font color="red">14K★<br> Earring/Necklace SET</font><br> Miball Round SET SET0363
    #Daily Sale★<br> <font color="red">★Same-day shipping★</font><br> Mibol Round Necklace<br> NA0569
    #Daily Sale★<br> <font color="red">14K★Same-day shipping★<br></font> Miball Round One Touch Ring Earring<BR> EA2908
    #Daily Sale★<br> <font color="red">★Same-day shipping★<br> ♣Garden series♣ 14k gold★</font><br> Bohen Flower One Touch Ring Earring EA2989
    #Daily Sale★<br> <font color="red">14K★Same-day shipping★</font><br> Luvre plump heart earring<br> EA2966
    #Set Special Sale 68%+Free Shipping<br> <font color="red">14K★<br> Earring/Necklace SET</font><br> Luvre plump heart pearl SET SET0397
    #Daily Sale★<br> <font color="red">14K★Same-day shipping★</font><br> Taming Bowknot Crystal Earring<br> EA2987
    #Set Special Sale 65%+Free Shipping<br> <font color="red">14K★<br> Earring/Necklace SET</font><br> Taming Bowknot Crystal SET SET0394
    #Daily Sale★<br> <font color="red">★Same-day shipping★</font><br> Temmed Bowknot Crystal Necklace<br> NA0598
    #Limited quantity special price★<br> <font color="red">14K★Same-day shipping★</font><br> Yrel Crystal Earring<br> EA2916
    #Daily Sale★<br> <font color="red">14K★Same-day shipping★</font><br> fahid olive earring<br> EA2923
    #Daily Sale★<br> <font color="red">★Same-day shipping★</font><br> Rump half ring Earring<br> EA2997
    #Set Special Sale 67%+Free Shipping<br> <font color="red">14k gold★<br> Earring/Necklace SET</font><br> Charlotte heart reversible SET SET0389
    #Daily Sale★<br> <font color="red">14k gold★Same-day shipping★</font><br> Charlotte heart one touch ring earring<br> EA2959
    #Daily Sale★<br> <font color="red">14K★Same-day shipping★</font><br> Demot Square Half Ring Earring<br> EA2930
    #Daily Sale★<br> <font color="red">14K★Same-day shipping★</font><br> Raven olive earring<br> EA2979
    #Set Special Sale 65%+Free Shipping<br> <font color="red">♣Garden Series♣ 14K★<br> Earring/Necklace SET</font><br> Prodi Flower Crystal SET SET0391
    #Daily Sale★<br> <font color="red">♣Garden Series♣★Same-day shipping★</font><br> Prodi Flower Crystal Necklace<br> NA0593
    #Daily Sale★<br> <font color="red">♣Garden Series♣ 14K★</font><br> Prodi Flower Crystal Earring<br> EA2961
    #Set Special Sale 65%+Free Shipping<br> <font color="red">14K★<br> Earring/Necklace SET</font><br> Komi Crystal SET0395
    #Daily Sale★<br> <font color="red">★Same-day shipping★</font><br> Komi Crystal Necklace<br> NA0599
    #Daily Sale★<br> <font color="red">14K★Same-day shipping★</font><br> Komi Crystal olive Earring<br> EA2988
    #Set Special Sale 60%+Free Shipping<br> <font color="red">14K★</font><br> Earring/Necklace SET<br> Meryl heart pearl SET(5mm) SET0385
    #Daily Sale★<br> <font color="red">★Same-day shipping★</font><br> Meryl heart pearl Necklace(5mm)<br> NA0588
    #Daily Sale★<br> <font color="red">14K★Same-day shipping★</font><br> Meryl heart pearl earring(5mm)<br> EA2951
    #Daily Sale★<br> <font color="red">14K★Same-day shipping★</font><br> Bolo Round olive Earring<br> EA2975
    #Limited quantity special price★<br> <font color="red">★Same-day shipping★<br></font> Cresin Bold Necklace<br> NA0574
    #Set Special Sale 66%+Free Shipping<br> <font color="red">14K★<br> Earring/Necklace SET</font><br> Prilina Bowknot SET SET0392
    #Daily Sale★<br> <font color="red">★Same-day shipping★</font><br> Prilina Bowknot Necklace<br> NA0594
    #Daily Sale★<br> <font color="red">14K★Same-day shipping★</font><br> Prilina Bowknot Earring<br> EA2983
    #Daily Sale★<br> <font color="red">92.5 Silver★Same day shipping★</font><br> Beboe Onyx olive earring<br> EA2971
    #Daily Sale★<br> <font color="red">★Same-day shipping★</font><br> Tiwani chain necklace<br> NA0585
    #Set Special Sale 59%+Free Shipping<br> <font color="red">Necklace/bracelet SET</font><br> Suella pearl chain SET (4mm)<br> SET0381
    #Daily Sale★<br> <font color="red">★Same-day shipping★</font><br> Suella pearl chain necklace(4mm)<br> NA0584
    #Daily Sale★<br> <font color="red">★Same-day shipping★</font><BR> Suella pearl chain bracelet (4mm)<BR> BA0478
    #Daily Sale★<br> <font color="red">14K★Same-day shipping★</font><br> Xi'an Square olive Earring<br> EA2973
    #Daily Sale★<br> <font color="red">★Same-day shipping★</font><br> Bemos simple Necklace<br> NA0587
    #Set Special Sale 56%+Free Shipping<br> <font color="red">★Premium freshwater pearl★<br> Necklace/bracelet SET</font><br> Heresy freshwater pearl heart SET(5mm) SET0375
    #Daily Sale★<br> <font color="red">★Same-day shipping★Premium freshwater pearls</font><BR> Heresy freshwater pearl heart bracelet (5mm)<BR> BA0470
    #Daily Sale★<br> <font color="red">★Same-day shipping★Premium freshwater pearls</font><br> Heresy freshwater pearl heart necklace (5mm)<br> NA0578
    #Daily Sale★<br> <font color="red">★Same-day shipping★</font><BR> Daris Knot Ring(free)<BR> RA0626
    #Uniform price 14,800 won★<br> <font color="red">14k gold★Same-day shipping★</font><br> Le Mouton Bold One Touch Ring Earring<br> EA2876
    #Daily Sale★<br> <font color="red">14K★Same-day shipping★</font><br> Melbo Pearl One Touch Ring Earring(8mm)<br> EA2957
    #Set Special Sale 69%+Free Shipping<br> <font color="red">14k gold★<br> Earring/Necklace SET</font><br> Staley SET SET0314
    #Daily Sale★<br> <font color="red">★Same-day shipping★<br></font> Staley Necklace<br> NA0521
    #Daily Sale★<br> <font color="red">14k gold★Same-day shipping★</font><br> Starly olive one touch ring earring<br> EA2820
    #Daily Sale★<br> <font color="red">14K★Same-day shipping★</font><br> Foreng heart earring<br> EA2915
    #Daily Sale★<br> <font color="red">14K★Same-day shipping★</font><br> Pero Square One Touch Ring Earring<br> EA2956
    #Daily Sale★<br> <font color="red">★Same-day shipping★</font><br> Nape Bold Ring(free)<BR> RA0529
    #Daily Sale★<br> <font color="red">14K★Same-day shipping★</font><br> Honey Bee One Touch Ring Earring(6mm)<br> EA2944
    #Regular sale 9,900 won★<br> <font color="red">★Same-day shipping★</font><BR> Caliph layered Ring(free,L)<BR> RA0614
    #Daily Sale★<br> <font color="red">★Same-day shipping★ primium freshwater pearls</font><br> Terrio Freshwater Pearl Necklace<br> NA0589
    #Daily Sale★<br> <font color="red">14K★Same-day shipping★</font><br> Olsen pearl one touch ring earring (4mm)<br> EA2946
    #Daily Sale★ <font color="red"><BR>★Same-day shipping★<br> ♣Garden Series♣</font><BR> Liebehi leaf Ring(free,L) RA0576
    #Daily Sale★<br> <font color="red">14K★Same-day shipping★</font><br> Diesel half ring Earring<br> EA2917
    #Daily Sale★<br> <font color="red">14K★Same-day shipping★</font><br> Animo Bold olive earring<br> EA2887
    #Set Special Sale 62%+Free Shipping<br> <font color="red">14k gold★<br> Earring/Necklace SET</font><br> Daphne SET SET0387
    #Set Special Sale 66%+Free Shipping<br> <font color="red">14k gold★<br> Earring/Necklace SET</font><br> Merel SET SET0386
    #Daily Sale★<br> <font color="red">14K★Same-day shipping★</font><br> The Rabbit Opal Olive Earring<br> EA2954
    #Set Special Sale 65%+Free Shipping<br> <font color="red">14K★<br> Earring/Necklace SET</font><br> Luvre Melo heart SET SET0359
    #Daily Sale★<br> <font color="red">★Same-day shipping★<br></font> Luvre Melo heart Necklace<br> NA0565
    #Daily Sale★<br> <font color="red">14K★Same-day shipping★</font><br> Luvre Melo heart Earring EA2904
    #Daily Sale★<br> <font color="red">★Same-day shipping★</font><BR> Robben Crystal Ring(free,L)<BR> RA0601
    #Daily Sale★<br> <font color="red">★Same-day shipping★</font><br> Depong heart Necklace<br> NA0566
    #Daily Sale★<br> <font color="red">★Same-day shipping★</font><br> Luvre plump heart pearl Necklace(5mm)<br> NA0575
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